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Coast Water Works Development Agency invites applications from interested, eligible, capable individuals and firms for Registration as Suppliers and Service Providers in the following categories: 

1. CWWDA/REG/001/2022-24: Supply and delivery of Computers, servers, laptops, printers, scanners, Toners and other related ICT Equipment -Citizen Contractors  
2. CWWDA/REG/002/2022-24: Repair and Servicing of Servers, Computers, Laptops, printers, scanners and other related ICT Equipment -Reserved Groups  
3. CWWDA/REG/003/2022-24: Supply and delivery of general office Stationery-Reserved Groups  
4. CWWDA/REG/004/2022-24: Supply and delivery of office equipment (Metal filing cabinets,etc) -Citizen Contractors  
5. CWWDA/REG/005/2022-24: Supply and Delivery of Assorted Electrical Fittings and Lighting Materials-Reserved Groups  
6. CWWDA/REG/006/2022-24: Supply/Repair /maintenance and Servicing of Air conditions-Citizen Contractors  
7. CWWDA/REG/007/2022-24: Provision plumbing services-Citizen Contractors  
8. CWWDA/REG/008/2022-24: Supply of Staff Uniforms and protective Clothing-Reserved Groups  
9. CWWDA/REG/009/2022-24: Provision of Air Travel Ticketing Services-Citizen Contractors  
 10. CWWDA/REG/010/2022-24: Installation and Maintenance Services for Local Area Network-Citizen Contractors  
11. CWWDA/REG/011/2022-24: Provision of Medical, Group Personal Accident Insurance Services and Wiba (underwriters only)-Citizen Contractors  
12. CWWDA/REG/012/2022-24: Provision of General Insurance Services (underwriters only)-Citizen Contractors
13. CWWDA/REG/013/2022-24: Provision and Maintenance of office equipment (photocopiers, computers printers-Citizen Contractors  
14. CWWDA/REG/014/2022-24: Provision of Group Life Insurance Services (underwriters only)-Citizen Contractors  
15. CWWDA/REG/015/2022-24: General Building and Renovators-Citizen Contractors  
16. CWWDA/REG/016/2022-24: Provision of Security and Guarding Services: Citizen Contractors  
17. CWWDA/REG/017/2022-24: Provision of Cleaning Services, Detergents, Soaps, Disinfectants & Toiletries-Reserved Groups  
18. CWWDA/REG/018/2022-24: Supply of Motor Vehicles Tyres, Batteries & other accessories-Citizen Contractors  
19. CWWDA/REG/019/2022-24: Design, Branding and production of Promotional Materials/ Items-Reserved Groups  
20. CWWDA/REG/020/2022-24: Design and Printing of Cards, Diaries, Corporate Newsletter, Stickers, Signage, Fliers, Brochures, Booklets-Reserved Groups  
21. CWWDA/REG/021/2022-24: Provision of Event Management and Entertainment Services-Reserved Groups  
22. CWWDA/REG/022/2022-24: Maintenance and Repair of Office Furniture-Reserved Groups  
23. CWWDA/REG/023/2022-24: Design and Refurbishment of trade Fair stands-Citizen Contractors  
24. CWWDA/REG/024/2022-24: Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture-Citizen Contractors  
25. CWWDA/REG/025/2022-24: Supply and Delivery of Office Window Blinders and curtains-Reserved Groups  
26. CWWDA/REG/026/2022-24: General building Contractors & Building Renovators-Citizen Contractors  
27. CWWDA/REG/027/2022-24:  Supply and Delivery of General Hardware and Plumbing Materials-Citizen Contractors  
28. CWWDA/REG/028/2022-24: Supply, Delivery & Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment-Citizen Contractors
29. CWWDA/REG/029/2022-24: Provision of Catering Services-Citizen Contractors  
30. CWWDA/REG/030/2022-24: Supply and Delivery of Water Pumps(Surface & Submersible), Gensets , Motors(Surface & Submersible),Switchgear and Related Accessories-Citizen Contractors  
31. CWWDA/REG/031/2022-24: Supply and delivery of Laboratory Equipment and Reagents-Citizen Contractors
32. CWWDA/REG/032/2022-24: Provision of construction of Dams/ Small Dams & Water Pans services-Citizen Contractors  
33. CWWDA/REG/033/2022-24: Provision of Drilling and equipping  Boreholes and Rehabilitation of Boreholes-Citizen Contractors services    
34. CWWDA/REG/034/2022-24: Provision of construction and Rehabilitation of sewerage services-Citizen Contractors  
35. CWWDA/REG/035/2022-24: Provision of Electromechanical services-Citizen Contractors  
36. CWWDA/REG/036/2022-24: Supply and delivery of HTH 65%-Citizen Contactors  
37. CWWDA/REG/037/2022-24: Maintenance and Repair of Lab. Equipment-Reserved Groups  
38. CWWDA/REG/038/2022-24  Supply and Delivery of Foodstuff-Reserved Groups  
39. CWWDA/REG/039/2022-24  Repair, Servicing & Towing of Motor Vehicles-Citizen Contractors  
40. CWWDA/REG/040/2022-24  Repair & Servicing of Electrical Equipment-Citizen Contractors  
41. CWWDA/REG/041/2022-24  Supply and Delivery of Water Pipes ,Valves & Fittings-Citizen Contractors  
42. CWWDA/REG/042/2022-24  Supply and Delivery of Consumer and Bulk Water Meters-Citizen Contractors  

The registration  documents  containing  the  submission  information,  detailed  terms and conditions  of  qualification  may  be  downloaded  free  of  charge  from  the  CWWDA website or the tenders portal The Registration closing date is Tuesday, 24th May 2022 at 10.00 am.  

Applications for Registration will be opened immediately thereafter in the CWWDA Board Room, Mikindani Street- off Nkrumah Road, Mombasa in the presence of bidders / representatives, who choose to attend.  


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