Our Mandate

The core mandate of Coast Water Works Development Agency as given under clause 53(1) of the Water Act 2002 state that: “The Board shall, as a licensee, be responsible for the efficient and economical provision of water services authorized by the license”.

Coast Water Services Board’s core function include but not limited to:

  • Development and management of assets that will ensure development of services and facilities to increase access to water and sanitation.
  • Hold/lease assets and water services infrastructure.
  • Efficient and economic provision of water as authorized by the License.
  • Ensure compliance with licensing requirements by the WSPs.
  • Assume responsibility of WSP as a last resort.

Water Supply

The Water Works Development Agency were mandated to supply water but not directly. Supply of water was to be done through a contractual agreement between the Boards and their agents called Water Service Providers. However for the case of the Coast Water Services Board, the bulk water supply is handled by the Board which then sells the commodity to the Water Service providers. This was inevitable especially for the transboundary water supply system which include the Mzima pipeline, the Marere pipeline, the Baricho pipeline and Tiwi boreholes. Our area of jurisdiction coincides with the administrative boundaries of the Coast Region covering six counties namely :

  • Mombasa County
  • Kilifi County
  • Kwale County
  • Taita-Taveta County
  • Lamu County
  • Tana River County

Our Sources

The Coast Water Works Development Agency handles bulk water supply from the following sources:

  • Mzima Springs located in Taita-Taveta County,
  • Baricho well fields located in Kilifi County,
  • Marere Springs located in Kwale County
  • Tiwi boreholes located in Kwale County
  • The Hola Water supply project located in Tana River County supplies water to Hola town
  • Tthe Shella wells in Lamu County are the main source of water in the County
  • Rural population are served by shallow wells and pans, dams and boreholes.