Addendum No. 1 Project: Water & Sanitation Development Project (WSDP): Procurement of Office Equipment

Starting From:   0000-00-00 Deadline:   0000-00-00

The subject matter refers:

The above mentioned tender for Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment, appeared in the Standard newspaper of 14th  February 2019 and will be closing on 12th  March, 2019 at 1100hrs EAT.

Below find details of addendum No. 1  to the tender documents for supply and Delivery of Office Equipment:

Addendum no.1 will be Lot 11 for Supply and delivery of Tablets -8 No;

Lot 11- Supply and Delivery of Tablets bid security shall be Kshs.38,400.00;

while cash flow requirements shall be Kshs.1,536,000.00

Please note that addendum form part of the tender document to be submitted and all other conditions of regarding tender remains the same.

Tender Documents

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