Project: Water & Sanitation Development Project (WSDP): Procurement of Office Equipment

Starting From:   0000-00-00 Deadline:   0000-00-00

Closing date: 12th March 2019 at 1100hrs EAT

Bid Security Per Lot 
Lot 1 Supply, delivery of laptops KES 150,000.00 
Lot 2 Supply, delivery of desktops KES 6,000.00 
Lot 3 Supply ,delivery and Configuration of Endpoint Security 
(Renewal of existing license of Kaspersky Endpoint 
Advance version) KES 9,000.00 
Lot 4 Supply, delivery and Installation, Configuration, 
Customization and training of NAS KES 36,000.00 
Lot 5 Supply, training and delivery of Professional Camera KES 8,000.00 
Lot 6 Supply and delivery of UPS   KES 8,420.00 
     I.      2.2KVA QTY 3 
    II.      700va QTY 3 
Lot 7 Supply, Implementation and Commissioning of Email 
Messaging Solution- for 3 years for 100 user licenses plus 3 year Support  KES 130,000.00 
Lot 8 Supply and delivery of Essential Surge Arrest 5 outlets KES 1,200.00 
Lot 9 Supply and Installation of Manageable Switch KES 30,000.00 
Lot 10 Supply and delivery of hardware repair tool kits and 
Server RAM 32GB KES 3,000.00 

Tender Documents

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