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Dam Rehabilitation – Pemba
2 / 10
Water Storage Infrastructure development
3 / 10
Water storage infrastructure development – Kilifi Town tank
4 / 10
Water pipeline extension
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Water pipeline extension
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Water quality assurance
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Water Kiosk construction
8 / 10
Development of Solar powered boreholes
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Construction of dams – Katsamini dam
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Development of Sewerage infrastructure

Coast Water Works Development Agency


The Coast Water Works Development Agency is a parastatal (Government Owned and Autonomous) created under the Water Act, 2016 and established through a Gazette Notice No. 59 of 26th April 2019. The Board’s main responsibility is the provision of efficient and economical water and sanitation services to the people of the Coast Region.

What We Do

Under the Water Act of 2016 the mandate of the Coast Water Works Development Agency is to develop and maintain sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure within the Coast region.

New Water Supply

Attend to Leaks & Bursts

Water Quality Testing

Sewerage Facilitation

Water Meter Management

Issuing of Water Licences

Our Partners

Agence Francaise Development

Government of Kenya

The World Bank